Helping Those That Help Others

Friends of our Community is a 501(c)(3) Corporation, our mission is to support our community.  We have the equipment, recipes, people and talent to feed a large number of people. This may be an individual in need or an organization, such as hospices, cancer societies, fire departments, schools and economic development of small rural communities.

Who we are

Friends of our Community was founded to provide a structure and organization to expand our support and contributions of the last 10 plus years. Friends of our Community will be run by a dedicated group of people who want to make a difference.

What we do and how we help

In accordance with our workload, travel schedules and funding, we will do our best to support an individual in need or an organization, mainly in rural communities, who are working hard to make their communities safe, healthy and a good place to live. We will provide food, cooking and catering services along with advice relating to, but not limited to, event advertising, auctions and raffles to support their fund raising event allowing them to continue or better their efforts. We griddle pancakes and sausages for breakfasts. We grill or BBQ hamburgers, hotdogs, tri – tip and/or chicken. We make some awesome garlic bread and are becoming known for our beans.

Officers and Responsibilities

Ron Amarel – Chairman
Richard Stonhill – Vice Chairman
Lynette Amarel – Treasurer
Rebecca Stonhill – Secretary

About the Founder

Ron and Lynette Amarel have been involved in community events throughout the years making a difference in the communities where they, their friends, and employees work and live. Our motto fits our family beliefs – “Helping those that help others”
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